Ozon OS Alpha screenshots and download link

Just finished downloading Ozon OS Alpha ISO. Now I run this distribution on my VirtualBox and install it. Ozon OS “Hydrogen” is a collaboration between Numix and Nitrux team. They are currently building a new distribution based on Fedora which is optimized for gaming. The Ozon OS Alpha is based on Fedora 20 with Gnome desktop environment. The default installation does not give you a completely different distribution than Fedora 20. But Ozon OS team provides their own GTK themes, icon theme and launcher which are very interesting to try.

Default look of Ozon OS Alpha

ozon os screenshot 1

ozon os screenshot 2

Notice the application menu is now located at the bottom right of the Atom dock. After making some changes on icon theme, wallpaper and some other things, my OzonOS turned like this:

ozonos alpha modified 1

ozonos alpha modified 2

ozonos alpha modified 3

OzonOS is a promising operating system. It still in Alpha version but I believe the developer has something bigger than this one. Please visit OzonOS homepage and download page for more information.

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