Ozon OS Beta Screenshots Tour

Ozon OS was built on top of Fedora Linux. But its more eye catching compared to the standard Fedora Linux. Ozon OS is still in Beta version. Even its still in Beta, you may download and try it on your computer. You won’t regret. It has a┬ábrand new look, fresh and beautiful.

This is the Ozon OS Beta desktop. Simple and clean

ozon os default

Ozon OS comes with animated application menu which can be found on the most recent Gnome desktop as well.

ozon os applications

Ozon OS can be transformed into a completely different by enabling Ozon OS extension via Tweak Tool.

ozon os theme

It has Atom Dock, Atom launcher, Atom panel and User theme which can be enabled through Tweak Tool. For more show off, you may have a look at the following videos showing Ozon OS Beta in action

For download, visit this link.


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