Ozon OS Tutorial-How to install FlareGet Download Manager 3.2-42 on Ozon OS Alpha

I am currently testing the beautiful Ozon OS distribution. On this tutorial I am going to show you how to install FlareGet 3.2-42 on Ozon OS. FlareGet is a powerful download manager and download accelerator which also available for Linux distribution. For Fedora based Linux such as Ozon OS, there is an RPM file for FlareGet 3.2-42, so we can easily install FlareGet using the RPM file.

flareget on ozon os

Steps to install FlareGet 3.2-42 on Ozon OS

A. Download FlareGet 3.2-42 RPM file

Open Terminal and paste this command

64 bit

wget http://www.flareget.com/files/flareget/rpm/amd64/flareget-3.2-42.x86_64.rpm

32 bit

wget http://www.flareget.com/files/flareget/rpm/i386/flareget-3.2-42.i386.rpm

B. Install FlareGet RPM package

64 bit

rpm -ivh flareget-3.2-42.x86_64.rpm

32 bit

rpm -ivh flareget-3.2-42.i386.rpm



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