PCLinuxOS 2013.12 screenshot tour

The new version of PCLinux OS 2013.12 is now available for download. Here I want to share some screenshots of this PCLinux OS 2013.12. This new version of PCLinux OS comes with many improvements and updates. Linux Kernel 3.4.70 is now being used on this release. The following pictures are taken using PCLinux OS 2013.12 KDE version on VirtualBox running in LiveCD.

PCLinux OS 2013.12 Boot screen


PCLinux OS 2013.12 default KDE desktop


PCLinux OS 2013.12 menu app


Personally, I don’t like PCLinux OS interface. It looks very old. Compared to many new Linux distribution, PCLinux OS seems away behind Pear Linux, Linux Deepin, Kubuntu, Elementary OS and many others.


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