PCLinuxOS 2014 Screenshots Tour

PCLinuxOS is a rpm based Linux which features a beautiful user interface. I just downloaded the latest PCLinuxOS 2014 64 bit edition and install it on my VirtualBox. Here are some screenshots for this PCLinuxOS 2014 64 bit edition with MATE desktop. There are several flavors of PCLinuxOS available. Please have a look at the official website of PCLinux OS.

PCLinuxOS 2014 Live desktop

pcllinuxos 2014 screenshot 1

Application menu on PCLinuxOS 2014 MATE edition

pcllinuxos 2014 screenshot 2

PCLinuxOS 2014 control center. Contains many configurable settings for PCLinuxOS 2014

pcllinuxos 2014 screenshot 3

Caja, the default File Manager on PCLinuxOS 2014


I think PCLinuxOS is a good and beautiful distribution. This 2014 version improves many things. So, its time to test PCLinuxOS 2014 on my computer.


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