Pitivi 0.94 beta is now released, install it on Fedora 20

Pitivi is a free and rich features video editing software for Linux. It comes with many interesting features needed to create a simple custom videos. For a complete features of Pitivi, you can visit the official website http://www.pitivi.org/?go=tour. Pitivi 0.94 is now available for download for many major Linux distribution such as Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE. Off course any derivatives Linux can also install Pitivi. Here I want to show you how to install Pitivi 0.94 on Fedora 20.

Note: Pitivi is available through Fedora 20 default repository. So we can easily install Pitivi by executing the following command on Terminal

yum install pitivi

But, if you do that, you will only get Pitivi 0.93 instead of Pitivi 0.94.

pitivi 0.94 on fedora 20 1

If you want to use the latest version of Pitivi 0.94, we can use the prebuilt package provided by Pitivi team. Its an all in one binary that should be run on any Linux distribution.

Steps to install Pitivi 0.94 Beta on Fedora 20

A. Download Pitivi 0.94 Beta prebuilt package

B. Extract the package

Right click on the file and select Extract here. It will produce a new directory called pitivi-0.94-beta-x86_64. Open the directory and find a file called pitivi-0.94-x86_64 (on 64 bit). Right click the file and click Run to start the application.

install pitivi 0.94 on Fedora 20 1

Done. Now you have Pitivi 0.94 Beta run on Fedora 20. Thank you.

install pitivi 0.94 on Fedora 20


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