Plasma Active 4, Linux distribution for Tablet device

There are several Linux distribution that currently developed for phone and tablet devices. Ubuntu Touch and Plasma Active are the most popular ones. Plasma Active 4 is now available for download. This Linux distribution is well developed to match the tablet and phone devices. Plasma Active 4 was built based on OpenSUSE Linux and uses a modern Plasma KDE environment. Plasma Active 4 comes with a nice and sleek user interface.


The Plasma KDE looks so modern, futuristic and easy to use. Its a good choice for tablet or smartphone. On a standard installation you will find many applications installed by default such as: Plasma Media Center, KWrite text editor, Konsole terminal emulator, KPatience card sorting game, Marble virtual globe and world atlas, as well as a news reader, calendar, image viewer, web browser, mail client, contact manager, book reader, alarm, note-taking, and to-do utilities.

Ready to try Plasma Active 4 on your tablet? grab the ISO now. For more information, please visit

Plasma Active 4 ISO


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