Prepare Linux Lite 3.0 for Office work-Installing network printer on Linux Lite 3.0

I am working on a small office with some networked printers available on the network. Most of our workstations run Windows on it and we have no issues to connect and use the printers, scanner on the network. Before I wrote this post, I was in doubt if I can connect and use the network printers from my Linux Lite 3.0 desktop. What happened next is beyond my expectations. Linux Lite 3.0 recognize my scanner (I don’t even add it before!). Its really awesome.

simple scan on linux liteAs you can see, when I open Simple Scan application, the HP Officejet 7610 is automatically recognized and installed for scanning. I don’t need to worry about the driver.

But here I will not talk about the scanner which connected automatically. I want to try to add new network printer to my Linux Lite 3.0 desktop. See how easy to set up a new printer to Linux Lite 3.0.

First, go to Settings | Printers

add new printer linux lite 1

On the Add printer page, click Add and another window will be opened. Select the printer from the list. Here I want to connect to my network printer which is HP OfficeJet 7610 series. See the illustration below

add new printer linux lite 2

Click Forward to continue to the next step, Linux Lite will attempt to search the printer driver in the database. In my case, the printer also detected and installed the driver automatically. No need to provide any driver manually.

add new printer linux lite 3

Finally, my OfficeJet 7610 printer is connected and ready for my Linux Lite 3.0.

add new printer linux lite 4

In theĀ future, I will keep giving some short stories about my experience while using Linux Lite 3.0 on my daily working activity.


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