PureSync 3.10.1, your best friend to sync your folders

Need to synchronize your folders automatically? There are many software offering this synchronization for free. I am currently testing PureSync 3.10.1, a simple sync application for Windows with many features and its free for personal use. PureSync 3.10.1 is a good looking sync software.

On the first screen after installation, you will be offered to create a new Job. There are 4 different jobs you can choose.

puresync review 1

Personally, I like this new version of PureSync. Its more straight forward and very easy to use. Plus, there are 4 different jobs for different scenarios.

puresync review 2

If we want to repeat the same steps in the future, we can save the job into a file which can be loaded when needed. There is an Advance and Compact menu, but nothing happened when I try to switch between these two modes. PureSync can be downloaded via this link.


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