Quick guide to install nVidia Drivers on Fedora 23

If you are running Fedora 23 on top of nVidia powered laptop or desktop PC, you will need to install the driver for your nVidia graphic card. By default Fedora 23 uses Nouveau driver. nVidia driver will improve and unlock all of your nVidia graphic card performance and capabilities. The nVidia driver is not included on Fedora 23 installation because its proprietary driver.

There are some steps to install nVidia Drivers on Fedora 23.

1.0 Check if your nVidia card is supported.

Open Terminal and execute the following command:

Example Output:

You can cross check your graphic card with the official List of Supported nVidia GPU Product.

2.0 Download nVidia installer package

Go to this website: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/Find.aspx?lang=en-us and find the latest version of installer available. Save the installer to your Download directory. You will have a file called something like this: NVIDIA-Linux-xxxx.run.

3.0 Make the package executable

Before we can use the installer we’ve downloaded on the above step. We have to make it executable. Open Terminal and cd to the download directory and then use this command to make the file executable. For example:

4.0 Installation

  • 4.1. Update system

It is recommended to have your system up to date and also we need to update the kernel to the latest version.

  • 4.2 Install dependencies

  • 4.3 Disable Nouveau

  • 4.4 Edit /etc/sysconfig/grub

Append ‘rd.driver.blacklist=nouveau’ to end of ‘GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=”…”‘

  • 4.5 Update grub2 conf

  • 4.6 Remove xorg-x11-drv-nouveau

  • 4.6 Generate Initramfs

  • 4.7 Reboot to runlevel 3

Install nVidia proprietary drivers for GeForce 6/7 & GeForce 8/9/200/300 & GeForce 400/500/600/700/800/900 series cards

and then follow on screen installation tutorial. Once finished, reboot to runlevel 5

Now your nVidia driver should be installed and working. Thanks for reading.



  1. hey, thanks for the tutorial, it worked like a charm.
    I have one question tho. Will this be update proof? because i had problems after every system update and was unable to use it, and my tries to repair it all failed.

    • I think the problem is when we are updating the Kernel version. Any other updates should not affect this driver. Thanks for coming mate.

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