Reaper 5.01, Complex waveform audio editor

Reaper is a complex, rich features audio editor for Windows. It has almost any features you need to edit, create, record, arrange and render multi track waveform audio files. The new REAPER 5.01 is now available. It still in pre release version when this post is written. You may download and install it for testing. The following are new updates that come with Reaper 5.01:

  • MIDI editor: improved preview behavior with anticipative FX
  • VST3: fixed various multi-channel issues
  • VST3: support plain-text parameter display for envelope point editing
  • Elastique: temporary fix for 3.0.9/3.0.11 and preserve-formant clicks

Reaper 5.01 Installation and download

I installed Reaper 5.01 on Windows 8.1 and found no problems during installation. Its quite smooth and straight forward. There is a portable option we can choose during the installation. You may download the installation file from this link (64 bit).

Reaper 5.01 Interface

I must say that Reaper 5.01 is a complex software. There are many many tools and adjustment toolbar on this software. This indicates that this Reaper 5 has a hidden power you may tweak and use it to edit your tracks.

reaper 5.01 full version

Reaper 5.01 is not a freeware. It allows us to install in evaluation mode for several days. To unlock and enable the Reaper 5.01 full version, we need to purchase it for about $60.

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