Recover Excel Password using Excel Password Recovery

I was having an issue with a Microsoft Excel file sent by my client few days a go. It is password protected and the client forgotten the password. Well, there is no other way. I have to try recover the password using third party software. Fortunately there is Excel Password Recovery software by Thegrideon Software. Its a handy Excel Password recovery tool that works well on my case. I am not going to review this software in technical details. I just want to share my experience while using this software to recover my Excel password.

How to Recover Excel Password

Excel Password Recovery is available in two version. Installer and Portable. I use the portable version because it is very handy and does not have to be installed on my Windows 10. I put the download link at the end of this post. 

To recover Excel password using this program is quite easy. Simple Open Excel Password and then click Open button and select your MS Excel file. 

You will see list of available attack method. You can add or edit this list. Click Start to start the password cracking. Please note that this program consume high CPU and Graphic card. It may cause your computer freeze a bit and getting hot. This is normal but you can change the default settings on the number of CPU and GPU’s use by this program.

Download Excel Password by Thegrideon Software

If the recovery process is not successful, I recommend you to try the Passware Password Recovery Toolkit Enterprise



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