Refresh your GNOME desktop with Ardis Basic Icon Theme

There are may ways to make your desktop more eye catching. One of the most easies thing is to change the default Icon theme with something better. Introducing Ardis Basic Icon Theme, a nice set of icons for your GNOME desktop. Ardis Basic Icon Theme consist of circle icons for various applications, MIME types etc. Ardis is icon theme made to be simple and beautiful by design. All icons are created with accent on nice colors, long shadows and nice looking round shaped with white outline. Perfect choice for everyone who loves simplicity.

There also several paid icon themes with more complete sets available on the website.

ursa icon

Ardis Basic Icon Theme screenshots.

The screenshots here was taken using Ardis Basic Icon Theme, which is the free version. You may want to visit the creator of this icon on DevianArt page.

ardis basic icon theme

Ardis Basic Icon Theme on my Ozon OS (Fedora 20) GNOME.

ardis basic icon theme fedora 20 2

ardis basic icon theme fedora 20 1

Ardis Basic Icon Theme free download


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