Remix OS 3.0 can be run on AMD FX Quad Core Processor

I am currently testing the new Remix OS 3.0 (Android based OS for PC) on my desktop computer. My Desktop powered by AMD FX processor family with Quad-Core processors. And all I can say is that the Remix OS 3.0 runs well on my desktop. Its an extraordinary experience running this Android OS on my desktop PC.

Remix OS on AMD FX Processor

So far, I have been testing Remix OS 3.0 on several laptops and desktop ranging from Intel Core i5, Core i7 powered laptop and one AMD FX desktop computer. All runs pretty well. So, if you want to try or switch to Androind based Operating System on your PC, Remix OS is the answer. No extra works needed to get Remix OS runs on your PC. It simply works.



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