Remmina, simple remote desktop application for Linux

There are several free remote desktop application available for Linux system. But personally, I am comfortable with Remmina, a small, simple remote desktop application for Linux desktop. What Remmina can do for you? The following story will show you how I use Remmina for my remote desktop activity. I use Remmina 0.9.99 on my Linux Lite 2.4 desktop. I installed Remmina on my Linux Lite 2.4. Specially for Linux Lite, you may install Remmina from Linux Lite software installer.

remmina on linux lite

There are several protocols supported Remmina by default. Windows RDP, Secure FTP, SSH, VNC are the default protocols you can use. But, you still can add more protocols to Remmina via your distribution package manager.

remmina supported protocols

Create a Secure File Transfer session
To connect to a remote Linux server via SFTP protocol, simply click the Create New from File menu. Then the Remote Desktop Preference window will appear. Enter the remote server details on this window. For example:

remmina secure ftp

Press Save or Connect to start the connection immediately. Once connected, your remote server files will be displayed on the new window. You can upload, delete, download and do whatever you want to the remote server file/folders. Use the navigation button on the upper side of the remote server window.

remmina secure ftp 2


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