How to remove a WordPress plugin via cPanel

In some cases, you may need to get your hands dirty because of some things. Like I just did recently, I install AMP Plugin on my WordPress powered website. For some reason the AMP plugin did not work after update. And my website cannot be accessed at all only shows some error messages. I am a bit frustrated seeing this error. But now, my website is working again after I deleted the AMP plugin from my web server via cPanel.

How to remove a plugin from a WordPress website while we cannot access the dashboard? Usually, we can easily manage plugins via dashboard menu.

But in this case, I cannot log in or even open my WordPress dashboard. The only solution is to remove the troubled plugin via cPanel.

Log in to your cPanel via your hosting and then select File Manager. If your website hosted at Hostgator, after login click File Manager as follow

On the File Manager window, go to where your site is located. The WordPress plugin is located in /public_html/wp-content/plugins. You will see list of folders of your installed plugins. Now remove the plugin folder you wish to remove.

That’s it. Now open WordPress dashboard and go to Plugins section to do some cleanup. I hope this article is useful for you when having some trouble like mine. Cheers.



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