Restore Windows 8 system to previous state using RollBack Rx Home 10.3

RollBack Rx Home enable us to restore Windows system to previous state. This is a useful tool mainly when you are having trouble with current system and then want to revert back to previous state which known as working or normal state.

RollBack Rx Home 10.3

RollBack Rx Home will restore entire system including registry and documents. So, its not like the ordinary Windows system restore tool. You may have up to 7 snapshots of your system. RollBack Rx Home 10.3 also has built in task scheduler which helps us to automatically perform backup or create system snapshots. RollBack Rx Home 10.3 supports Windows 8 and its FREE!. Grab it Now.

Product Details:

  • Version: 10.3
  • Download size: 23 MB
  • Supported OS: Windows XP, 7 and Windows 8
  • License: Free


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