RoboLinux 7.5.2-a fast, lightweight Linux Distribution

I have been testing many Linux flavors including Ubuntu 14.04, Debian 7.5, CentOS 6.5, Linux Mint, RoboLinux 7.5.2 and some others. All of them has beautiful interface BUT none of them has a fast performance like RoboLinux 7.5.2. RoboLinux 7.5.2 is a Debian based Linux which comes with bunch software bundle. RoboLinux can be run from a LiveUSB via Unetbootin. Even it runs from a USB flash disk, RoboLinux performs faster than any of those Linux distribution I’ve mentioned above.

robolinux-screenshot 1

Some features of RoboLinux 7.5.2 that you will love

Ready Out of the Box

You don’t have to install additional codecs, flash plugin or Java anymore. RoboLinux has include them all.


RoboLinux is very responsive and fast. It even faster than other popular Distros

Full 3D supports

If you have ATI or nVidia graphic driver, RoboLinux will automatically detect and enable the 3D features.

User Friendly

New Linux users will love RoboLinux. Old style menu and application launcher on the bottom are very easy to use.

Complete Applications

Latest version of Skype, Dropbox, Google Chrome, Firefox, Rhytmbox, LibreOffice, VirtualBox are come with RoboLinux.

Advanced Features available

With a small donations, you can obtain advanced features of RoboLinux 7.5.2 such as RoboLinux StealthVM which lets us to run Windows XP or Windows 7 in stealth mode. So it feels like to have a computer running Windows 7 not a Linux. More information can be obtained here.


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