Rockstor 3.8-10, a powerful server for your network

Just downloaded and installed the new version of RockStor 3.8-10. Rockstor is a lightweight but powerful Linux distribution for server purposes. Rockstor 3.8 comes with many features you need to build a powerful server, file server, backup system and also personal cloud system.

Rockstor 3.8 is equipped with a handy, easy to use web dashboard that can be used to manage the server centrally.


Rockstor is a lightweight server appliance which can be run on an old hardware or even on a virtual machine. There are many services you can run on top of Rockstor.

rockstor services

Personally, I like this Rockstor. Its pretty easy to install, configure and withing minutes I can have a powerful server running on my network. The replication features makes me feel confident to run this server on my network.


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