Silentcast, record Linux desktop screen to animated gif

Silentcast is a GUI application for Linux that can be used to record Linux desktop/screen to an animated gif or video file. Its a handy, simple and useful application for me. Silentcast works well on Ubuntu 16.04. Silentcast 2.2 is now available via Ubuntu PPA.

This is the main window of Silentcast 2.2 on Ubuntu 16.04

silentcast ubuntu 1To record your screen, specify the working directory, area to be recorded, frame per second. Don’t forget to select the final output on the right side. If you want to save the recorded screen as gif, you have to select anim.gif. Press OK when ready.

silentcast ubuntu 2When you press OK, the recording will be started. To stop, click the Silentcast tray icon and it will continue the gif creation process.

animInstalling Silentcast on Ubuntu 16.04

Open Terminal and run these commands

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