Solus OS Screenshots Tour

The new version of Solus OS is now released. Solus OS comes with Budgie desktop as the default Desktop Environment. Budgie is believed as the simple user interface, lightweight and its also very nice in design. Here we have some screenshots of Solus OS grabbed from our Virtualbox.

The Solus OS Desktop

It features a minimalist desktop with menu bar located at the top of the screen. All applications can be reached from the application launcher on the top left.

Solus OS DesktopThe Solus OS App menu

solus-os-1-2-0-5-screenshot-1The App menu reminds me to Xfce menu, but I think Solus OS is slightly better.

The Settings page

solus-os-1-2-0-5-screenshot-2As you can see, you can change any Settings from the Settings page. To be honest, I like the icon theme on Solus OS its really nice looking.

The File Manager

solus-os-1-2-0-5-screenshot-3Budgie Desktop comes with a nice File Manger. Its lightweight, simple and really easy to use. Solus OS does not shipped with bunch software like any other distribution. There is no application in Office section except Calendar. But if you want, you can install other software using Software Center.

solus-os-1-2-0-5-screenshot-4Last but not least, we can install Solus OS to hard drive using Install tool.

solus-os-1-2-0-5-screenshot-5So what do you think? Dare to try Solus OS ?


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