Solus OS 1.2.1 Review and Screenshots

Solus OS 1.2.1 is now available for download. This Budgie Desktop powered Linux is become more popular among Linux users. The new version comes with many updates and bug fixes. The Budgie Desktop is now updated to version 10.2.8 which is more stable. Based on the official Solus OS website, this Solus OS 1.2.1 is the final fixed point release. Starting on this version, Solus OS also shipped with MATE desktop. You can choose Budgie or MATE for the default desktop.

solus os 1.2.1 desktop modified

Solus OS 1.2.1 Desktop with custom wallpaper

Solus OS 1.2.1 Brief Review

As you might know, Budgie is simple and lightweight desktop. Even it still young but the Budgie development is quite rapid and now we can enjoy the developer hard work with the stability. The traditional menu on top of the screen easily reachable and pretty straight forward. No more words can explain it. It simply works

Solus OS 1.2.1 comes with many updated packages and now it uses new Linux Kernel 4.8.2. I run Solus OS from a Live USB and booted into my PC with AMD processor inside. It works pretty well, no error, no lag at all. Its awesome. I think Solus OS also suitable for older laptop since Budgie Desktop does not require a heavy processing and high end graphic card to run.

Included applications on Solus OS 1.2.1

  • Mozilla Firefox 49.0.1
  • Rhythmbox 3.4.1
  • VLC Media Player 2.2.4
  • Thunderbird Mail Client 45.4.0
  • Transmission BitTorrent Client 2.9.2

That’s all and you won’t find any office application such as LibreOffice or OpenOffice. But don’t worry you can easily install any applications you need via Software Center.


There are also many new third party applications added to the Software Center.


As many requests and suggestions from Solus OS users, now a lot of attention has been given to the graphics department. The new version Solus 1.2.1 now supports Pascal architecture-based GPUs with the NVIDIA GLX v370.28 driver. Also, Solus now supports the AMD Vulkan graphics drivers. Its a good news since now Solus OS supports wide range of hardware configuration.

Solus OS Performance Testing

I made some “user” performance testing. I use Solus OS to browse the net, play games and do some other tasks. Here are some of my information

  • Play YouTube videos ==> No problem
  • Play Flash Powered online game ==> Not working. I tried to play some online games on and none is working. This problem should be fixed by installing Adobe Flash on Solus OS.


  • Play Video (.mkv and mp4 format) ==> No problem


  • Play MP3 ==> No Problem


It seems like Solus OS 1.2.1 comes with many pre-installed multimedia codecs. All multimedia audio and video formats can be played without asking to install additional codecs anymore.


Solus OS 1.2.1 is very end user friendly. It comes with many essential features we need on a Desktop operating system. Even it does not shipped with Adobe Flash (can be installed via Software Center), Solus OS still very comfortable to use.


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