Start 10 1.0, Get back Windows 7 start menu on Windows 10

Already upgraded to Windows 10? Hmm…most people still love the previous Windows 7 start menu compared to the new¬†Windows 10 with new Cortana feature. Windows 10 comes with a brand new search box which is located on the main taskbar called Cortana. There is an easier way to get back the Windows 7 search menu on Windows 10. Start 10 is the software that will help you to personalize Windows 10 start menu to looks like Windows 7.

start 10

The new Start 10 1.0 is now available for download. The search menu is integrated to the main menu like in Windows 7. You may download and try Start 10 1.0 on your Windows 10. This program is marked as free to try and you will be charged for $0.05 for the full version. You may download Start 10 1.0 using this link. Install it on Windows 10 and enjoy Windows 7 start menu on your Windows 10.


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