Step by step installing Arch Linux 2016 using Arch Anywhere

Arch Anywhere provide a graphical and easier way to install Arch Linux on our system. This Arch Linux installer is good for anyone who wants to install Arch Linux 2016. Installing Arch Linux becomes very easy and interactive with Arch Anywhere. Here I will show you step by step installing Arch Linux 2016 using Arch Anywhere. I will also provide some gifs image showing the actual process of the installation.

Step 1. Download Arch Anywhere

First of all, download the latest version of Arch Anywhere ISO from this link. Next, boot your computer or virtual machine using that ISO.

Step 2. Select Arch Linux version

On the first boot screen, you should see a list of any available Arch Linux version.

For example, I want to install the x86_64 version. Highlight the list and press enter to proceed.

Step 3. Select the installer

Type 1 and press enter to start the Arch Anywhere installer

Step 4. Select the Language and start the installation

On this step you will be asked to select the installation language, country code and then the installer will continue to configure the repository.

Step 5. Select the Keymap, Locale and Time Zone

Step 6. Partition the drive

If you want to use the entire disk for Arch Linux, the default option (Auto Partition Drive) is good for you. Otherwise, you should choose manually.

Step 7. Select System installation, Network Manager, and Desktop environment

On this step, we need to choose the installation type. If you don’t know which one, select Base or Base-Devel should be good.

On this step we will also configure the network manager, wifi support and grub installation. You can choose any desktop environment you would like to run. On this example, I don’t want to install any DE. The installation will continue to download packages from the internet.

Set hostname, add new user and password to Arch Linux

We still need some final steps such as installing extra software. Once this step completed, your Arch Linux should be ready.

That’s all. I have included every steps to install Arch Linux using Arch Anywhere installer. I hope you enjoy it and happy Friday.


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