Step by step installing Elementary OS Luna

Hi, on this tutorial I will show you step by step installing Elementary OS Luna. I am using VirtualBox on my Windows 8 to do this installation. It works pretty well. OK lets get started. First of all, you may need to download the ISO of this Elementary OS Luna. Grab it from here.

Once you get it, boot your PC or virtual machine using this ISO. On the first screen you will see this option. Select Install elementary OS to start the installation right away.

install-elementary os luna 1

Next, the installer will check your system. Press Continue to proceed.

install-elementary os luna 2

Now select the installation type. Please note that the first option will uses the entire disk for Elementary OS installation. Select Something else to create a custom partition.

install-elementary os luna 3

Now select the disk from the list. Simply press Install Now if you only have 1 disk.

install-elementary os luna 4

When you press Install Now, the installation process will begin. While installing, you will be asked for some credential i.e user name and password, your current location.

install-elementary os luna 5

Select your keyboard layout

install-elementary os luna 6

Create new user

install-elementary os luna 7

Now the installer will continue the installation. Once finished, simply reboot your PC.


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