Step by step installing Linux Lite 2.0 with screenshots

This tutorial will show you how to install Linux Lite 2.0 to hard drive. Linux Lite is an Ubuntu based Linux distribution so it should be pretty easy to install it. First, make sure you have downloaded the Linux Lite 2.0 ISO. Burn the ISO to a CD/DVD, or create a LiveUSB or simply install it to a Virtual Machine.

Boot your computer or virtual machine using the ISO file. From the Linux Lite 2.0 desktop, double click Install Linux Lite shortcut placed on the Desktop. The Live CD installer should begin.

At the beginning of the installation process, select the Language from the list.

install linux lite 2.0 1

The installer will detect your system.

install linux lite 2.0 2

Select installation type. On this example I use the entire disk for Linux Lite 2.0 installation. I choose the first option. You can select another option based on your need.

install linux lite 2.0 3

Now select your location from the map.

install linux lite 2.0 4

Select keyboard layout. Leave the default value if you don’t know which layout.

install linux lite 2.0 5

Create new user for Linux Lite

install linux lite 2.0 6

The installer will start copying files and installing Linux Lite 2.0 to your hard disk.

install linux lite 2.0 7

Wait until the process finished. Restart your computer/virtual machine when done. Login to your new Linux Lite 2.0

install linux lite 2.0 8

Enjoy Linux Lite 2.0

install linux lite 2.0 9

I also post some Linux Lite 2.0 Screemshots


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