Step by step installing NAS4Free 11 with screenshots

NAS4Free 11.0 is now available with many interesting features. Here I want to share a detailed instruction how to install NAS4Free 11.0. I include screenshots for each steps I took. As you information, I install NAS4Free 11 on my Proxmox VE server. First of all, you may want to download the latest NAS4Free 11.0 ISO.

Steps to install NAS4Free 11.0

Step 1. Boot your server with the ISO

Step 2. Select Install from the first menu (number 9)

install freenas 1.png

Step 3. Select 1 from the install menu. This will install the NAS4Free on the hard drive/SSD or USB.

install freenas 2.png

Step 3. Select the partition mode. I suggest you to leave the GPT as the default option. This is the recommended settings for NAS4Free.

install freenas 3.png

Step 4. Confirm the selection.

You will see the detailed information about the partitions that are going to be created.

install freenas 4.png

Step 5. Select the installation source

install freenas 5.png

Step 6. Select the destination disk

install freenas 6.png

Step 7. Create swap

install freenas 7.png

After we click OK the installation will started. Once finished, the following information will displayed on screen.

install freenas 8.png

Press Enter and it will return to the previous scree. Choose Exit to get back the main screen. And then select reboot server (7). The computer will reboot to the new NAS4Free system.

nas4free 11.png

Now we can open NAS4Free web management UI using the IP address printed on the server as above.

nas4free 11 web ui.png

Use admin for the default username and nas4free as the password to log in.

nas4free web ui.png


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