Step by step installing PCLinuxOS 2014 with screenshots

This tutorial is going to guide you how to install PCLinuxOS 2014. Each steps will be included the screenshot of it. Before we go through you may want to download the PCLinuxOS 2014 ISO file first. Burn it to a CD/DVD or you may create PCLinuxOS 2014 LiveUSB if you want.

From PCLinuxOS 2014 desktop, click Install PCLinuxOS. Then the Draklive installer will open up. Press Next to continue

install pclinuxos 2014 1

Select your disk which will be used for the installation. If you want to create custom disk layout and scenario, select Custom disk partitioning.

install pclinuxos 2014 2

Press Next to confirm the automated disk partitioning. All disk/selected partition will be wiped out.

install pclinuxos 2014 3

The installer will detect any unused packaged based on your computer hardware. This step is optional, you can skip or confirm to remove the unused packages.

install pclinuxos 2014 4

Then Draklive installer will start installing PCLinuxOS 2014 to the disk

install pclinuxos 2014 5

Boot loader installation. Select the disk where the Boot loader will be installed. It usually the first hard disk on your computer.

install pclinuxos 2014 6

Press restart when done. Make sure you remove the LiveCD before starting the computer again.

install pclinuxos 2014 7

We still need to configure few things after PCLinuxOS 2014 boot up. Select your time zone from the list. You will also need to configure the time and date settings on the next page.

install pclinuxos 2014 8

Create the root password

install pclinuxos 2014 10

Create new user and password

install pclinuxos 2014 11

Finally, login to PCLinuxOS 2014 desktop with the username and password we created on previous step

install pclinuxos 2014 12

Enjoy PCLinuxOS 2014

install pclinuxos 2014 13


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