Step by step installing Proxmox 3.2 with screenshots

This tutorial is going to show you a complete guide to install Proxmox 3.2. I attach the screenshots for each installation steps. Proxmox is a powerful, web based virtualization system which let us to turn a single computer or server into a powerful virtualisation system. You can install many operating systems inside it.

First, boot your computer or server using the ISO. On the first screen below, press Enter to continue

install proxmox 3.2 -1

Next accept the End User License Agreement (EULA)

install proxmox 3.2 -2

On the next page, you will see a brief information about how Proxmox will be installed on your disk. The destination disk will be wiped out. Make sure there are no data inside your disk.

install proxmox 3.2 -3

Seect your location and time zone

install proxmox 3.2 -4

Enter your Administrator password and email address.

install proxmox 3.2 -5

Configure the network. Enter the hostname and IP address for the Proxmox server

install proxmox 3.2 -6

Now the installation should begin after you press Next on the step above

install proxmox 3.2 -7

Once finished, reboot your computer. Now Proxmox is ready. Open web browser from another computer and type the following address to open the web based management console:


install proxmox 3.2 -8


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