Step by step installing Zentyal 3.4 part 1

On this tutorial I am going to show you how to step by step installing the new Zentyal 3.4. This tutorial is split into several parts because its too long for a single post. The goal is to have a working Zentyal server from scratch. You can install Zentyal on a virtual machine. It can be installed through VirtualBox, VMware Workstation or even on Proxmox VE.

First, you may download Zentyal 3.4 ISO. Next is to boot the computer or virtual machine using the ISO.

Select the installation language

zentyal-installation-1. Now select the fist option to start the installation. This will erase the entire hard disk. Beware of your sensitive data if any.


Now select the Zentyal language.


Then, select your area/region


Next select the locale setting. Leave the default value (United State) if you don’t know which to choose.


Next select No if you don’t want to auto detect your keyboard


Select English (US) as the default keyboard layout



Next the installer will start copying files to the system


See you on the next part of Step by Step installing Zentyal 3.4 part 2



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