Step by step installing Zentyal 3.4 part 2

Please read the previous part of Step by step installing Zentyal 3.4 part 1 before you read this post. Next, we need to give the new hostname for the system. Type the hostname you want on the textbox.


Next, type the username for the new system. This user will have administrative privileges to control and manage Zentyal


Enter the password for the new user


Zentyal will then continue the installation process. You will be asked to select your timezone during process.


When installation finish, press Continue to restart and boot to Zentyal 3.4


Upon reboot, Zentyal still continue to install core packages and some other things, be patient. When done, you will see Zentyal desktop on screen. You can then login to the web interface to start managing the server. Next, I will still continue to manage the new installed Zentyal server. Stay tuned.



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