SterJo Wireless Network Scanner 1.3-A simple network scanner for Windows

As a system administrator, I always need to take full control of my network. With DHCP server enabled on a network, it is harder to know how many IP address are allocated to the connected computers or device. We need a special network tool that can display such information quickly. SterJo Wireless Network Scanner is a free tool that can be used to list any connected devices to our WiFi networks. It displays IP address, hostname, MAC Address of the devices.

sterjo wireless network scanner.png

Its a useful tool for me since sometimes I need to connect to my router, computer or server but I can’t remember the IP address. It would be more useful if the publisher add some other functionality such as kick or block selected IP address.

The new version of SterJo Wireless Network Scanner 1.3 is available. You may download it from our download site. Please also visit the Publisher’s website for more information about this software. SterJo Wireless Network Scanner can be installed on any Windows version. I tested this software on our Windows 10 Professional 64 bit edition. Everything works perfectly.


sterjo wireless network scanner score.png


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