Stremio 3.6.5, my favorite movie streaming application on Ubuntu 16.10

Stremio is a popular streaming application available for several operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X. Here I will guide you to install Stremio 3.6.5 on Ubuntu 16.10. This tutorial also applied to other Ubuntu based system such as Ubuntu 16.04, Elementary OS Loki, Linux Lite and many others.

Stremio 3.6.5 supports YouTube Channel, TV shows, TV Series. Simply choose your favorite movies from the list and you are good to go. Stremio also supports Popcorn Time addons, and Juan Carlos Torrent as well.

Stremio 3.6.5 on Ubuntu 16.10 Screenshots

stremio 3.6.5 ubuntu screenshot 1.png

stremio 3.6.5 ubuntu screenshot 2.png

stremio 3.6.5 settings.png

Steps to install Stremio 3.6.5 on Ubuntu

Step 1. Download Stremio 3.6.5 DEB Package

Step 2. Install the package

You may use Ubuntu Software Center to open the DEB file.

install stremio 3.6.5 ubuntu.png

Aternatively, the following command can be used to install the DEB package

sudo dpkg -i stremio_3.6.5_amd64.deb

When finished, you can start using Stremio to stream your favorite movies and TV show on Ubuntu 16.10.


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