SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Screenshots

The new SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 is now available. We can freely download and install this new SLES 12 for 60 days for testing. SLES 12 comes with many improvements, a fresh desktop and complete Server features included. I have some screenshots for this SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12. Check these out.

SLES 12 screenshot 1

The Desktop

SUSE Enterprise Linux 12 comes with GNOME 3.10.2, a modern GNOME desktop on top of a powerful server.

SLES 12 screenshot 3The Settings and YaST can be easily located. YaST contains many tools we need to configure the SLES 12. Samba file server can be managed easily through Samba configuration tool under YaST.

SLES 12 screenshot 4

Its easy to join and integrate SLES 12 to existing Domain Controller via YaST

SLES 12 screenshot 5


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