TCCI and Supertrend trading system

I am currently testing a nice system which uses TCCI and Supertrend indicators. The TCCI is a good indicator which gives us a good BUY and SELL signals. And Supertrend is used to confirm the signal gives by TCCI. Here are some example of this system


The chart above is a good BUY signal. First, we have to know the current trend of a pair. I am using EMA 50 to know the price direction. When the price is moving above EMA 50 its an uptrend. In an uptrend, we only go LONG. Any short signal wont be traded.

We enter BUY when TCCI turn to green and the Supertrend confirmed it buy turning to green as well. Put 10 pips as minimum target. As you can see above, the price move up pretty nice.


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