Testing ChaletOS, the beautiful Xubuntu spin on my VirtualBox

ChaletOS is not a familiar name for Linux users. Yes, true. This is a new Linux distribution/spin based on Xubuntu. It comes with a beautiful desktop out of the box. You don’t have to install anything to get a simple yet beautiful Linux desktop like ChaletOS. With the power of Ubuntu and lightweight as Xubuntu, ChaletOS could be a very good choice for anyone who switch from Windows. Xubuntu is a great distro based on Ubuntu, but to get better looks, you need to install or modify many things manually. With ChaletOS, you get good look of Xubuntu effortless.

chaletos desktop 1

ChaletOS is distributed as ISO which can be used as a Live system and we can also install this OS to our hard disk directly. I am testing ChaletOS on my VirtualBox and it works well. On the first boot, select Install ChaletOS directly. This will bypass the Live mode and will take you to the installation menu directly.

Select the installation language from the list.

chaletos-installation 1

The installer will check your computer

chaletos-installation 2

Now select the installation type

chaletos-installation 3

Make sure you select the correct installation type and have your data backed up before proceeding. Now the ChaletOS installation will started. While installing, we need to configure several things.

Select your country and time zone.

chaletos-installation 4

Select the keyboard layout

chaletos-installation 5

Create new user for ChaletOS desktop

chaletos-installation 6

The installation will continue. When finish, simply reboot your computer or virtual machine and login to the new ChaletOS desktop.

chaletos desktop


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