The best SSH Client for Google Chrome

For system administrator,  SSH Client is an essential tool. Most administrative works done via remote SSH session. In Linux, we can simply use Terminal application to perform SSH session but did you know that Google Chrome also has some great SSH client extension? The extension that I will discuss here is not limited to Linux. As long as you have Google Chrome, you can install and use it. Let’s have a look.

A. FireSSH

FireSSH is a great ssh client for Google chrome. It allows account management, good for multi accounts.

Main interface

FireSSH is a great for basic use but its a bit limited in term of configuration. We cannot change the font and also does not allow us to change theme. FireSSH only allows one single connection at a time.

Install FireSSH 

Visit website

B. Termius SSH Client

Termius is also a great SSH Client for Google Chrome. Compared to FireSSH, Termius has more to offers. It supports multi hosts, allow host grouping, allow theme changing and many more. I use Termius as my main SSH client at the moment and I cannot find any better.

Change theme in Termius

Install Termius


Termius also available in Windows, Linux, Android and iOS app. Its the best SSH client I ever had. You can execute the following command to install Termius on Ubuntu Linux



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