The most beautiful Linux Distribution for Desktop

Are you looking for the most beautiful Linux distribution for your desktop? We have summarized several distros that has beautiful design out of the box. I mean, you don’t have to tweak or customize them to get a beautiful and eye catching look. I understand that anyone can make their own Linux desktop more beautiful with their own way. But the following distros has nice looking desktop by default. I don’t use number on each distros below because it does not represent the rank.

A. Deepin 15.4

Deepin 15.4 is the latest stable version of this Chinese developed Linux distribution. Deepin has an elegant Desktop called Deepin that is very easy to use, and it comes with bunch of applications ranging from Multimedia, Internet, Office Suite and many more. Many other Linux implement Deepin Desktop to their line up such as Manjaro Deepin etc. For more information, screenshots and review of this Deepin 15.4, please visit my Deepin 15.4 Review and Screenshot page.

B. Solus OS Budgie Edition

Solus OS was built from scratch that is not based on other Linux distribution. Solus OS is very popular with its Budgie Desktop which is simple, lightweight and beautiful. If you are new to Linux, Solus OS is for you. The traditional menu on Solus OS is very familiar yet easy to use. Please read my Solus OS Review and Screenshots Tour.

C. Korora 25

Korora is Fedora based Linux distribution that is optimized for end user. Korora 25 is the latest version when this post is written. Its available in 5 different desktop environment such as Gnome, KDE Plasma, Cinnamon, MATE and Xfce. Korora 25 Review and Screenshots.

D. ArchLabs 4.1

Arch Linux may be not for everyone but ArchLabs, an Arch Linux based distribution is very easy to install and also it has a beautiful desktop by default. ArchLabs 4.1 Screenshots Tour.

E. Linux Lite 3.4

Linux Lite is an Ubuntu based distribution with customized Xfce desktop. It was designed for end user, and very good for you who just migrated from Windows OS. Linux Lite 3.4 Review and Screenshots.

Last but not least, there are still many Linux desktop that are beautiful, easy to use such as Ubuntu, Elementary OS, KaOS and many more.


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