Thermaltake Core P5, Beautiful Hardcore PC Case

Area you looking for a nicely designed PC case to handle your high end hardware in style ?. Let me introduce you the new Thermaltake Core P5, an open frame, mid-tower chassis with a transparent front and uncovered sides. With this design, can watch all your hardware at work from any angle. This case can handle any high end hardware you may want to put together in your setup.

thermaltake core p5

Thermaltake Core P5 Review

I have collected some users review on this Thermaltake Core P5 series. This review may help you to make decision before you purchase Thermaltake Core P5

The Core P5 is a rather special computer case. If you wish to, then you can mount this thing to the wall. Apart from that you can put it vertically or horizontally on your desk, which in then end meas you have a lot of freedom of choice. Apart from that there is plenty of space for high-end watercooling gear, allowing you to build a great looking rig.

If you purchased this case, and you find difficulties to assembly, this video should helps.

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Thermaltake Core P5 Specifications

Below is the detailed specifications for Core P5 series. This information is grabbed from the official website of Thermaltake.

thermaltake core p5 specifications



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