Things I do after installing Ubuntu 17.04

Ubuntu 17.04 – Ubuntu 17.04 has been released few months back. But I just got time to install it on my Virtualbox. I mainly use Ubuntu 16.04 for my daily blogging tasks. And to be honest, I am not planning to upgrade my Ubuntu 16.04 to this Ubuntu 17.04. I prefer to use the LTS version only for my workstations. OK, but anyway now my Ubuntu 17.04 is up and running with pretty standard looks. I have some suggestions or some rituals I do after installing Ubuntu, including this Ubuntu 17.04.

Ubuntu 17.04 Default Desktop

The following are the most common things I do after installing Ubuntu. Leave us comment if you have any suggestions or thoughts.

A. Install Update

No doubt that installing update is the most important thing. So, it is highly recommended to install update after doing a fresh install of Ubuntu 17.04. You can simply use this command to update your system.

B. Install Plank and Unity Tweak

I always have Plank on every Linux desktop that I tried. Plank is my favorite dock for the desktop. It helps me a lot to quickly open applications and also maximize or minimize opened windows. I can’t live without Plank to be honest.

C. Install New Theme and Icon Pack

To be honest, the default Ubuntu 17.04 theme and icon theme are pretty outdated. There are many better theme and icon pack available out there. My favorite is the B00merang Team collections. They have developed many great themes for Linux desktop including Ubuntu.


D. Install Spotify 

I am a music addict and I cannot sit in front of my laptop without music. Spotify is a great music application and its pretty easy to install Spotify on Ubuntu 17.04.

E. Install Google Chrome

Ubuntu 17.04 shipped with Mozilla Firefox as the default web browser. But for me, Google Chrome is way better than Firefox. So, I install Google Chrome on my Ubuntu 17.04.


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