Tips to improve Virtual Machine disk performance on VMWare Workstation 12.0

If you are managing virtual machines on VMWare Workstation 12, you can improve hard disk performance easily. Because of many things, virtual hard disk can be fragmented and can affect overall VM performance. This tutorial is going to show you how to improve VM performance by defragmenting disk on your VM.

In VMWare Workstation 12.0 there is a useful defragment menu that can be used to defragment files and consolidate free space. To defragment your VM disks, first you will need to shutdown or power off your VM.

Next, go to settings for the selected VM. Click the hard disk you want to defragment and you should see Defragment button on the right side. Click on it and wait until the process is completed.

defragment disk vmware 1.PNG


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