Top 5 Backup Software for Enterprise

Top 5 Backup Software for Enterprise. Backup is an essential part of a business. When you have a regular and verified backup, you can run your business way easier and you can focus on other things. Many enterprise or company collapse because they aren’t ready for the worst. Whether you are running Windows OS, Mac or even Linux distribution, backups are always needed. For Windows server, there are many third party backup software for Enterprise grade. But, if you are running Linux, its pretty less options.

And if you are looking for Backup software for Enterprise, we have summarized 5 best backup software available out there. Those software has their own pros and cons, you will need to determine the needs of your company for the backup scenario. Cloud backup currently being offered by today’s Enterprise backup software. So, this option is good to consider.

Top 5 Backup Software for Enterprise

A. Symantec Backup Exec and NetBackup

Symantec is a well known Antivirus publisher, Norton Antivirus. They also have a great backup solution called Symantec Backup Exec and NetBackup. This backup solution comes with bunch features ready for Enterprise needs. It supports Windows Server, Microsoft Hyper-V and VMWare vSphere systems. With the latest technology, you can recover anything including virtual machines, databases, files, and application objects.

symantec backup exec 2016 full version

The latest version of Symantec Backup Exec 16 Full version is now available for download. This new version brings many new features on board.

B. IBM Spectrum Protect

IBM Spectrum Protect maybe not familiar for most people. But, this enterprise backup software comes with many interesting features. This software can perform backup in physical server, virtual or cloud environment. The IBM Spectrum Protect comes with an intuitive user interface, easy to use and not too complex. It support up to 4 Petabyte user data per instance.

C. DELL EMC Networker

EMC NetWorker is provided by DELL. Its an ultimate, unified backup and recovery tool for Enterprise. It supports on premise server and cloud data protection. With this EMC Networker you will find such features: backup to disk, backup in cloud, LTR to Cloud, ProtectPoint Backup, Snapshot and replication management. All those backup type can be managed through a simplified management interface.

dell EMC Data Protection Suite Full Version

Available version:

  • Data Protection Suite Enterprise Edition
  • Data Protection Suite for Backup
  • Data Protection Suite for Applications

D. BareOS – Open Source Data Protection

I am pretty confident to include this BareOS into this top 5 enterprise backup software. BareOS is an open source backup solution for both individual and enterprise. BareOS is a reliable cross-network backup software. It supports almost any Operating Systems including Windows and Linux. It comes with the latest LTO hardware encryption feature, bandwidth limitation and console command. If you are a developer, you can modify BareOS to meet your own need. BareOS web management interface is pretty simple. You can access all its features via this web management interface.

E. Acronis BackupĀ 

Acronis Backup is a well known Backup software for Windows. Its jargon to be the world easiest and fastest backup solution is not a bull shit. Many companies have been subscribed to this software for the data backup. The latest version of Acronis Backup 12.5 is now available.

Acronis Backup Features:

  • Disk Imaging Backup
  • SAN Storage Snapshot
  • Cloud Protection
  • Virtual Server Protection

Top 5 Backup Software for Enterprise

I am sure that these lists of top 5 backup software for enterprise could be different for most people. But, if you look at those software, you will probably need to consider the features they have compared to the price.


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