Trading with Bearish Hidden Divergence

On this example below, I wan to share about a nice trading setup using Hidden Divergence. Hidden Divergence is a good trend following strategy which give us a safer way to trade because it goes with the current trend. Hidden divergence is a continuation signal. It happens when the price makes lower high and the indicator (MACD) made a higher high. Or, the price made a higher low but the indicator shows a lower low.

Example of Bearish Hidden Divergence (SELL signal)

bearish hidden div

On the chart we see price has made a lower high but the MACD show a higher high. This conditions are known as bearish hidden divergence. But when we should open the trade?

I use one or more of the following conditions before I open SELL:

  • Price hit upper or middle Bollinger Bands
  • There is a reversal candle stick pattern
  • Trendline breakout

Next time I will discuss more about divergence on this blog.


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