TrueOS Desktop 2017-01-17, a Promising Linux desktop based on FreeBSD

TrueOS is another Linux distribution which is mainly based on FreeBSD system. Its quite different compared to Ubuntu or Fedora based Linux. It is FreeBSD. TrueOS claimed to be an efficient, secure and easy to use Operating System. It uses the powerful OpenZFS file system which has been tested and 100% ready for production environment.

trueos desktop.png

TrueOS main features:

  • TrueOS uses LibreSSL for everything
  • Full clang functionality built from ports
  • TrueOS upgrades use boot environments and never touch your live system
  • Linux DRM 4.7 (Supports modern Intel graphics – Broadwell, Skylake)

TrueOS comes with a simple and nice graphical installer which anyone can install it on almost any system including Virtualbox guest. TrueOS uses Lumina Desktop Environment which is simple and lightweight.

Lumina Desktop in TrueOS is personally fine but I think there are still need improvements on many aspects. Most Linux Desktop nowadays comes with a beautiful desktop, like Gnome, Pantheon, Deepin, KDE and many more. I think Lumina still far away behind those previously mentioned DE.

trueos desktop screenshots 1.png

Apart from the beauty aspect, Lumina and TrueOS offers some benefits that you won’t find on other Linux distro such as the power of ZFS file system, LibreSSL keys, TrueOS upgrades use boot environments and never touch your live system.

It took some times to get myself used into this OS. TrueOS comes with AppCafe to manage applications. We can easily search, install and remove applications from TrueOS. The user interface is pretty dull and needs hard work to improve it.

software manager on trueos.png

Want to try TrueOS your self? Grab the latest ISO files from the following link. TrueOS is available in Desktop and Server OS. And also its only available for 64 bit system.



  1. TrueOS is NOT Linux. FreeBSD is a completely different kernel. It has absolutely nothing to do with Linux.

  2. I have no clue why you keep calling this a Linux distribution throughout your review… seriously… Its got nothing to do with Linux

  3. I don’t think you grasped the basics of BSD.

    TrueOS is a whole OS based on BSD. It is neither a distro nor Linux.

    BSD is a close relative to UNIX.

    Architecturally there are similarities between BSD and Linux.

    Actually MacOS is a closer to relation to TrueOS than Linux.

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