Turn Ubuntu 16.04 into personal cloud server using Tonido

Tonido is a great application when we need a personal cloud system. Tonido does not rely on third party server to store our data, pictures, video and any files. It uses our dedicated computer which can be accessed from anywhere. Tonido brings latest security technology to secure the connection between our server and clients. There is no bandwidth and storage limit. The only limit is our own hard disk space.

tonido on ubuntu 16.04 server tutorial.png

Tonido server supports Windows, Mac, Linux and Raspberry Pi. Here I will show you how to install and configure Tonido server on Ubuntu 16.04 server. We can easily turn Ubuntu 16.04 into a personal cloud server in a minute.

Steps to install Tonido Server on Ubuntu 16.04

Step 1. Update Ubuntu

It is recommended to update your Ubuntu server before attempting to install Tonido.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Step 2. Download Tonido

We will put Tonido under /usr/local/tonido directory. Use these commands to create it and download Tonido and extract the package.

sudo mkdir /usr/local/tonido
cd /usr/local/tonido
sudo wget http://www.tonido.com/download.php?tonido64.tar.gz
sudo mv download.php?tonido64.tar.gz tonido64.tar.gz
sudo tar -xzvf tonido64.tar.gz

Step 3. Run Tonido

Use this command under /usr/local/tonido to start tonido server

sudo ./tonido.sh start


Starting Tonido Service:dhani@vmtest01:/usr/local/tonido$ nohup: redirecting stderr to stdout

Step 4. Configure Tonido

Open web browser from other computer and type the server IP address with the following format:


For example

It will open the configuration page of Tonido. We need to create free Tonido account

tonido config.png

Enter the required details. You will also get the address to access your cloud server. In this example is:  http:// gamblisfx01.tonidoid.com. Follow on screen configuration wizard until completed.

tonido on ubuntu 16.04 server 1.png

tonido on ubuntu 16.04 server 2.png

tonido on ubuntu 16.04 server 3.png

Once completed, login to the new Cloud dashboard.

tonido on ubuntu 16.04 server.png

The good thing about Tonido is the fact that we don’t have to pay any third party storage server in the cloud. We can use our existing PC, old computer for this purpose. But for better performance, we can also build Tonido in the cloud such as Amazon AWS etc.


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