Tutorial how to install VirtualBox 4.3 on OpenSUSE 13.1

This short tutorial is going to show you how to install Virtualbox on OpenSUSE 13.1. Virtualbox can be installed on OpenSUSE 13.1 in two ways. The first is installing using the rpm packages from the official VirtualBox download page. Or the second one that will be explained here is to install using Virtualbox repository.

How to install VirtualBox 4.3 on OpenSUSE 13.1

Open Terminal and login as root

cd /etc/zypp/repos.d
wget http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/rpm/opensuse/12.3/virtualbox.repo

After setting up the Virtualbox repository, now we need to install Virtualbox 4.3. Simply use the following command to install

zypper install VirtualBox-4.3

In few moments, OpenSUSE will download the required packages. And Virtualbox should be ready upon completion.

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