Tutorial Install FreeNAS Linux on Server

Hi, on this tutorial I want to show you how to install the latest version of FreeNAS on a server. FreeNAS is a simple, lightweight and powerful Linux distribution for server. It has many features you need to build a powerful server for your network. It comes with a web interface to manage the server remotely. First, make sure you have the latest version of FreeNAS You can grab the ISO file from here.

Next, boot your computer or virtual machine with the ISO. On this tutorial I am installing FreeNAS on VirtualBox on Windows 8 host. Make sure you have minimum 2 GB of disk space and 1 GB of RAM on the server or VM.

Let FreeNAS installer boot the computer until you see the following display on your screen. Select the first option and press Enter.

freenas-9-2-1-3-install-1Select the disk in which FreeNAS will be installed. If you have more than one disks, all disks are displayed here. Make sure you select the correct disk.

freenas-9-2-1-3-install-2In this example, I already have previous version of FreeNAS installed. If this is the case, you can select to upgrade or fresh install. Select Fresh Install to perform a new installation and reformat the disk.

freenas-9-2-1-3-install-3 Confirm the installation


Shortly after you choose Yes, the installer will begin installing FreeNAS to the computer. In a minute the installer finished, press OK and reboot the computer.


After reboot you will see the detailed information about your new server. You can access the server using the given address for the web interface displayed on screen.


In my case, I can access my FreeNAS web interface using address:

You will be asked to change the default password. Enter the new password and log in.


Finally I can access the web interface and start manage the server



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