Ubuntu 16.04 Gnome Screenshots Tour

Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus is on the way. Currently it still in Beta version but you may download and test it on your computer or virtual machine. Ubuntu 16.04 is available in many official variants such as this superb Ubuntu 16.04 Gnome edition. It features Gnome Shell 3.18.4 which has many new features, lightweight and very easy to use. Even if Ubuntu 16.04 Gnome edition is installed on virtual machine, you wont experience slowness, or heavy processing required.

Here we have some screenshots of Ubuntu 16.04 Gnome edition

ubuntu 16.04 gnome screenshot 1

Clean desktop with no icons will appear once you logged in. Applications and other menu can be accessed from Activities button on the top left. Its pretty standard.

ubuntu 16.04 gnome screenshot 2

The standard icon theme will not impressed you if you expect an eye candy desktop. But, with a little efforts, you can turn your standard Ubuntu 16.04 Gnome into something more beautiful.

numix icon theme on ubuntu 16.04

ubuntu 16.04 gnome screenshot 3

Ubuntu Software Center on Ubuntu 16.04 get some touches as well.

software center on ubuntu 16.04

There are many things to explore. Its time for Ubuntu 16.04 Gnome. Try it your self and share your thoughts about this distro on our Google+ page.


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