Ubuntu 16.10 Review, End User Perspective

Ubuntu 16.10 Review, from End User Perspective. The new version of Ubuntu 16.10 is now available with no “surprise”. Ubuntu users can download and install this short term Ubuntu 16.10 code name Yakkety Yak. Here I won’t explain much about technical features in Ubuntu 16.10. Ubuntu 16.10 is available in Live mode which means we can boot our computer without having to install it first.

Ubuntu 16.10 Review from End User Perspective

ubuntu 16.10 review

Overall, there are not much changes in Ubuntu 16.10 user interface, I was using Ubuntu 16.04 and based on my experience, both are pretty much the same.  If you are expecting a radical updates in this version, you will be disappointed.

Ubuntu 16.10 comes with the following updates:

  • LibreOffice is upgraded to version 5.2
  • Gnome have been updated to version 3.20
  • Nautilus have been updated to version 3.20
  • Ubuntu 16.10 uses Linux Kernel 4.8

I was expecting some major improvements and features that will make me upgrade or switch to Ubuntu 16.10. But that won’t happen soon.

ubuntu 16.10 review

Nautilus 3.20 on Ubuntu 16.10

Installed Applications on Ubuntu 16.10

I was testing Ubuntu 16.10 in Live mode and here are some applications that shipped with Ubuntu 16.10

Mozilla Firefox

The default web browser does not change. Firefox version 49.0 is the default web browser you can find on Ubuntu 16.10 Desktop.


Libreoffice 5.2.2

Same as previous version, Ubuntu 16.10 comes with Libreoffice as the default Office application. Libreoffice now updated to version


Thunderbird 45.3.0

 This is the default email client on Ubuntu 16.10. Thunderbird is upgraded to version 45.3.0.


Ubuntu 16.10 is a regular release of Ubuntu which does not have “something really special”. Upgrade to this version is not essential especially if you are running Ubuntu 16.04 or Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

Download Ubuntu 16.10 ISO’s


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