Ubuntu Budgie Remix 17.04 Review and Download link

On my previous post, I have show you some nice screenshots of the upcoming Ubuntu Budgie Remix 17.04. Currently it still in development version but you may download and run it on your own computer to try the new features and performance. Overall, I am pretty satisfied with the performance on Ubuntu Budgie Remix 17.04. I run it from a USB flash disk in Live mode and it runs pretty fast. I wrote this post using Ubuntu Budgie Remix 17.04.

The Desktop

Like the previous version of Budgie Remix, the new 17.04 (codename Zesty Zapus) brings the new Budgie Desktop version 10.2.9. The new Budgie Desktop utilize pretty low CPU and RAM while idle.

Switching between opened applications was pretty smooth even without fancy animation/effects but for me it just works. Simple as it should be.

Ubuntu Budgie Remix 17.04 comes with some nice wallpapers you can choose. The default one looks ugly but it can be easily changed via Desktop settings.

Hardware Detection

I am running Ubuntu 17.04 on my ThinkPad T450 laptop and all hardware works normally. All drivers are enabled including sound, WiFi network devices, ethernet, USB ports and also graphic card. I can run it on full resolution. But unfortunately, Ubuntu does not shipped with the hardware driver manager installed by default.

Installed Applications

There are some applications installed by default. In Office category you can find a complete set of LibreOffice 5.0. Chromium is the default internet browser in Ubuntu Budgie Remix 17.04. And to be honest, this program also works very fast.

The Settings

You can access the settings page via Settings. It contains tools you need to customize and improve performance and the visual look of Ubuntu Budgie Remix. I think the Tweak Tool should be installed as well because it has more access to icon and theme management.

Bottom Line

Budgie Desktop is a new desktop environment but the rapid development makes this new desktop very well done. The simplicity, fast response and lightweight are the some of the Budgie Desktop benefits. When it combined with Ubuntu, the most popular Linux distribution on earth, you know what you will get. Ubuntu Budgie Remix 17.04 is a must have Linux desktop. Can’t wait for the final release.



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